Was alexander the great great essay

During his childhood he was commanding armies, winning battles and learning from the Greek philosopher Aristotle.

Was alexander the great great essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? What is a truly great leader?

It is someone with courage, discipline, creativity, remarkable achievement, and integrity. His parents, Phillip and Olympia, constantly adored and spoiled him.

They hired a famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle, to teach him academic subjects, politics, sports, and warfare. As he grew older, an inner beast was growing inside of him and at last it exploded when his father died, and Alexander was only then able to take the throne.

But who would want an unjust leader, who is an egomaniac, a ruthless narcissist, and whose empire would not last? He was conceded and had absolutely no concern for others. D Also, every new place Alexander went to he founded a new city and named it after himself…. In total he named eleven cities after himself.

Because he was spoiled and everyone treated him like he was royalty at a very young age, he came up with the idea that he was part god and told everyone to treat him that way.

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There were always consequences for when people tried to stand up against Alexander. A second reason Alexander was not great at all was because he was a ruthless narcissist who had savage relish.

Also, during the battle of Tyre his army killed thousands of people and sold the thirty thousand remaining survivors into slavery. This shows that Alexander was nothing but a brutal murderer! Well, I will tell you why! The first thing that Phillip the Second of Macedon did was name an heir to the throne after he died and it was Alexander.

E Besides an empire as vast as his took at least 11 years of hard work and conquering to build. Unfortunately it only took 10 years to destroy it which showed what a poor job Alexander did with leadership. In conclusion I believe that Alexander should not be called great anymore and that people should see the villainous side of him.

Though, he did have some good points in his life. For example he built an incredibly vast empire, spread Greek art and literature, and was a major influence on Julias Caesar. However, the three reasons presented above- he was a big egomaniac, a ruthless narcissist, and his empire did not last- show that when all is said done, Alexander is not at all what our history books claims him to be.Buy custom Alexander the Great essay paper from per page or use for FREE.

Buy custom Alexander the Great essay paper from per page or use for FREE.

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Support Live chat. Philip II of Macedonia and Olympias the father of Alexander the Great established a series of bureaucracies that would be stable and loyal to him. Then, with the. Alexander the great essay mosaic poster. Review on journal article latex i am caring essay blessed about patriotism essay christmas essay of a place best friends?

all about research paper conclusion generator. What is politics essay meaningful; About london essays argumentative;. The Conquests of Alexander the Great One of the greatest and most successful generals in all of history was Alexander the Great.

He was a brilliant, patient and . Alexander the great essays Alexander the Great was chivalrous, but was vindictive. He killed thousands, maybe millions while leading his men through the hardest of situations. He was a man who let no resistance go unpunished.

On one hand Alexander was a man who brought great . Alexander was a great man and had due consideration for every Macedonian official. He had given greater interest in doing big things and hence did not concentrate on the .

Essay Sample Of Alexander the Great. Introduction. Alexander III also went by the name Alexander the great. He lived in Macedon in BCE.

He was born of King Philip II.

Was alexander the great great essay

In light of his father’s death, Alexander took the throne in BCE. After taking the throne, Alexander went on to conquer most of the world at their time.

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