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That is a problem in China, and elsewhere, where demand is high. But doctors there are solving the problem — by using pig's corneas. Corneal transplant A medical team at Zhongshan University in Guangdong, China successfully gave a year-old boy sight back into his right eye by using a pig's cornea. It's not the first time it's been done and doctors are hopeful such operations will restore eyesight to many of those around the world with damaged corneas.

The sight of science

The amount of vision loss can be extensive or partial depending on where in the brain the injury occurred and the size of the area affected.

There are several types of hemianopia. Homonymous hemianopia This is the most common pattern of vision loss.

The sight of science

It affects all or most of either the right or left side of the visual field, similar to the picture on the right. Quadrantanopia Homonymous quadrantanopia is characterised by loss of vision in one-quarter of the visual field.

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This picture shows almost complete loss of The sight of science in the upper left quadrant. Why does vision loss often only occur on one side of the visual field? Partial vision loss, such as hemianopia, often affects only one side of the visual field.

Although it might feel that vision has been affected in one eye only, more often the damage occurred in the visual pathways that carry information from one side of both eyes to the brain. For instance, if the left side of the visual field has been affected, the visual pathways carrying information from both eyes to the right side of the brain have been damaged.

And vice versa—when vision on the right hand side has been affected, it means that the damage has occurred in the pathways carrying visual information to the left side of the brain.

Less common types of visual loss Altitudinal hemianopia affects the upper superior or lower inferior half of the visual field on both sides. It can be caused by damage to the optic nerve such as in ischemic optic neuropathy, which is when the blood supply to the optic nerve is inadequate.

The pictures below show how the visual field can be affected in superior left and inferior right altitudinal hemianopia. In bitemporal hemianopia, vision loss occurs in both outer halves of the visual field, like in the picture below. Binasal hemianopia affects the inner halves of the visual field close to the nose in both eyes.

It can also be caused by ischemic optic neuropathy poor blood supply to the optic nervebut sometimes by other types of damage in the brain or within the eyes. How does hemianopia affect daily life?

Compensatory therapies such as NeuroEyeCoach can help train people to scan their visual field more effectively, to bring previously unnoticed objects into view and make the most of the remaining vision.

Restorative therapies such as Neuro-Eye Therapy and VRT are the only therapies that can actually help to reduce the area of vision loss and improve visual sensitivity in the damaged area.

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Other visual problems can happen after a stroke Hemianopia is not the only type of vision problem that can occur after a stroke. A future blog post will look into other types and how they can be helped. Recovery from Poststroke Visual Impairment: Evidence From a Clinical Trials Resource.The first C sights, as seen on the prototype and earliest production guns, were a fixed V-notch rear and a wide blade front.

After making a few guns with fixed sights, Mauser introduced their tangent sight, much like the sight on Mauser rifles of the period. In providing these materials requested by you, the physician, Sight Sciences does not intend to support or endorse any presentations, communications, or other messages you may impart through the use of these materials.

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