Selected research papers

See the video from the Hearing at: Land and Sea Breezes.

Selected research papers

Analytical, instrumental, and spectroscopic techniques Gustav Kirchhoff and Robert Bunsen This paper is at the ChemTeam site.

Link to biographical data on Bunsen and Kirchhoff. View a biographical sketch of Raman and of Krishnan.

Selected research papers

View page images in German of entire original papers one and two. See more information on Tswett. Amedeo AvogadroJournal de Physique Includes "Avogadro's hypothesis" that equal volumes of gas contain equal numbers of molecules. View page images of original paper in French.

History of Chemistry

See a biographical sketch of Avogadroa picture of himand some notes on Avogadro's number. Link to a biographical sketch.

This outline of a course in chemical philosophy was instrumental in establishing the validity of Avogadro's hypothesis and in setting atomic weights on a generally accepted basis. View page images of the original in Italian. See a biographical sketch.

Dalton's atomic hypothesis as well as the erroneous hypothesis that the simplest compound containing two elements contains atoms in a one-to-one ratio. Includes a figure representing various simple and compound atoms.

View page images of the book. See biographical sketch of Dalton or view his picture. Reports results that combining ratios of many gases are ratios of small integers. View page images of original in French.

See a biographical sketch of Gay-lussac or a picture of him.

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Karlsruhe Congress, account written by Charles-Adolphe Wurtz. The first international chemistry congress debates the reality and terminology of atoms and equivalents. See biographical information on Wurtz.[Recent Research Papers] [Selected Published Papers] [Curriculum Vitae] [Back to Top] This page was developed largely by ripping off material from my former Wisconsin colleagues Jim Andreoni, Larry Samuelson, and Bill Sandholm.

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