Recruitment is placing the right person

As a leading Sydney labour recruitment agency we have successfully provided recruitment solutions to some of the biggest names in the market — let us do the same for your company. We make sure that candidates skills not only fit but that they also match the culture of the prospective company. How do we achieve all this?

Recruitment is placing the right person

Recruitment is placing the right person

There is a lot always to talk about and I never felt like I am talking to a recruiter. You guys are just amazing.

Really acknowledge and appreciate for whatever you did.

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With an aspiration to work in the Quality Control environment, and with one year of work experience, I was trying to reach out to many companies and was turned down from everyone. With no proper person to guide, I was demotivated and anxious about the future.

But then I came across CanMar recruitment's advertisement regarding a Quality Control position and after applying, Kelli Cera contacted me and stared explaining to me about the company and CanMar's role in finding talent for the Medical Marijuana industry.

She was very friendly, motivating and was confident that my skills would land me a good position in the Quality Control department for their client. Her suggestions and tips made me prepare well for the interview and helped me know what to expect during the process.

Recruitment is placing the right person

I was thrilled on hearing that and I genuinely feel that I wouldn't have done a better job on the interview without the motivation, help and support provided by the CanMar team.

I am going to start work from Oct 1st and am very much excited to work with new people and establish a name for myself. I would definitely recommend anyone to CanMar recruitment, if they are willing to enter the Medical Marijuana industry and start their career.


I wish CanMar all the very best with their work and would hope to see them grow to greater heights someday!Recruiting the right person for the job is a very serious business.

One which even the most experienced managers and business people can get wrong. And that mistake can be extremely costly. Here are 10 key steps to helping you get it right, first time.

Established in , Fission Rail specialise in the recruitment of staff for the rail industry. Key to what we do is not just placing the right person in the right position but assisting both the client and candidate in their long-term planning and skill acquisition to provide a successful fully maintained and operated solution for the rail industry in both the UK and across the Our focus is on placing the right person.

Everything starts with excellent recruitment

Learn More. Some of our happy clients. HR Software tailored to your business Wall Street HR have been an essential element to the recruitment process in discovering the right candidate to build our team Ben Hall Head of Marketing and Delivery at LK Group RECRUITMENT is Placing the RIGHT PERSON in RIGHT PLACE at RIGHT TIME.

Vacancy is known in two situations (generally): • An employee leaves and there is a vacancy created • Business Growth The vacancy is intimated to the HR department by the concerned technical department.

Recruitment of staff is a professional skill in its own right and should form part of the portfolio of management skills. Recruitment equals other important management activities such as strategic planning, budgetary control, and marketing of the service, and the results usually have an immediate impact on the quality  · Follow these tips to ensure you'll be hiring quality employees and the right people into your

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