Pirates vs ninjas essay

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Pirates vs ninjas essay

There are few men that have been feared as much as pirates were. Names such as pirate, buccaneer, and privateer were given to these men and women that terrorized the seas.

These were the names of pirates that dominated the seas during the 's and 's, a time known as the "Golden Age of Piracy. He terrorized the seas for most of his gruesome life during this era.

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The "Golden Age of Piracy" marked a time when sea travel was unsafe for everyone, with Blackbeard being one of the lead factors. The history of piracy dates back more than years.

The Greek historian Plutarch, writing in about A. He described pirates as those who attack without legal authority not only ships, but also maritime cities http: Anyone who was caught and tried with the act of piracy would be sentenced to death.

Most people are familiar with the words pirate, privateer, and buccaneer. These words are all names given Pirates vs ninjas essay groups of pirates. They were all essentially the same thing, with slight differences. In one case, however, you could be considered a legal pirate.

These men were called privateers. Privateers would sail the seas and loot and pillage ships in the name of their country. They tended to stay as far from the coast as possible to avoid any navy that might be about.

Pirates vs ninjas essay

Privateers with a letter of marque were considered legal by international law and they were not supposed to be charged with the act of piracy. However, more often that not, if the enemy managed to seize a privateer, they would often charge them with piracy and have them killed.

Both men were so successful that they eventually received knighthood from the crown. Another famous group of pirates were the Buccaneers.

They got their name from the French word "boucan" which meant barbecue. Often at times, these men were seen barbequing the pig meat on grills. They learned this style of cooking from the Arawak Indians. The buccaneers were men driven out by the Spanish, runaway slaves, deserters, and others who just hated the Spanish.

They preyed on Spanish galleons laden with gold from the New World, and left behind tales of ruin, revelry, and buried treasure. This was the time knows as the "Golden Age of Piracy". It was during this time that America was still in its beginnings and colonial times.

There was no navy anywhere near America, who was still under British rule, at the time. The Caribbean Sea was too far away for Britain to send its navy. Because of this, ships had to sail on their own behalf without the protection of a navy. This is the time when piracy was at its peak.

This is the time when Blackbeard ruled the seas.

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One of the most famous pirates of all time is Edward Teach. Historians believe Edward Teach's original name was Edward Drummond and that he later changed it to Teach after he became a true pirate.

However, there is some mystery that surrounds his real name. There are records showing that he sometimes went by Thatch, Tach, Tatch, and Tash. These names could very well be an alias just as much as the next. With all of these names, Edward Teach was most commonly known as Blackbeard, and that is how he is remembered in history.

Blackbeard received his nickname from his long, black, gruff looking beard that covered most of his face. He never trimmed his beard, and because of this, it grew down to his chest and was very bushy.Free College Essay Pirates Vrs. Ninjas. Pirates vs. Ninjas Pirates scourge of the sea, ninjas assassins of the trees.

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Pirates vs ninjas essay

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Histoy of Blackbeard the Pirate - Essay