Peoples temple

Background of the Peoples Temple:

Peoples temple

SRF is a worldwide religious organization with international headquarters in Los Angeles. As expressed in the Aims and Ideals formulated by Paramahansa Yogananda, the society seeks to foster a spirit of greater understanding and goodwill among the diverse peoples and religions of our global family, and to help those of all cultures and nationalities to realize and express more fully in their lives the beauty, nobility, and divinity of the human spirit.

Paramahansa Yogananda founded Self-Realization Fellowship in to make available the universal teachings of Kriya Yogaa sacred spiritual science originating millenniums ago in India. These nonsectarian teachings embody a complete philosophy and way of life for achieving all-round success and well-being, as well as methods of meditation for achieving life's ultimate goal — union of the soul with Spirit God.

The teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda are made available, today as during his lifetime, through the printed Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons. This comprehensive home-study series — studied by many thousands of people all over the world — gives instruction in all the meditation techniques of the Kriya Yoga science, as well as in the many other aspects of balanced spiritual living taught by Yogananda.

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Today, Self-Realization Fellowship has grown to include more than temples and centers around the world and has members in over countries. Most SRF members are men and women with responsibilities to work and family, who learn through the Self-Realization teachings how to balance their active lives with meditation.

The monks and nuns of SRF among whom there are still some who were with the Guru during his lifetime take formal vows of renunciation; and are responsible for serving the spiritual needs of Self-Realization members and friends worldwide. Among the many activities and services of Self-Realization Fellowship worldwide are:The Temple Symbolism in Genesis.

by Ernest L. Martin, Ph.D, Edited and expanded by David Sielaff, March Read the accompanying Newsletter for March The Bible is consistent from Genesis to Revelation. Peoples Temple: Peoples Temple, religious community led by Jim Jones (–78) that came to international attention after some of its members died at their compound, Jonestown, in Guyana, in a massive act of murder-suicide on Nov.

18, Jones began the Peoples Temple informally in the s as an. The Road to Jonestown: Jim Jones and Peoples Temple [Jeff Guinn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Edgar Award Finalist—Best Fact Crime By the New York Times bestselling author of Manson.

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Destructive cults The People's Temple, led by James Warren (Jim) Jones. Sponsored link. Background of the Peoples Temple: This was a Christian destructive, doomsday cult founded and led by James Warren Jones ().

Peoples temple

Jim Jones held degrees from Indiana University and Butler University. With the 40th anniversary of “The Jonestown Massacre” approaching, on November 18th, AFP offers a three-part series on the Rev.

Jim Jones, the Peoples Temple, and the massacre/mass suicide that took over lives in the jungles of Guyana. Jim Jones was best known as the cult leader of the Peoples Temple who led more than followers in a mass suicide via cyanide-laced punch known as the Jonestown Massacre.

Born on May 13,

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