My most significant contribution to the community

This boo ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This book is about healing and doing what it takes to come into your own. This book is about love; the love between lovers, the love of a mother, and the love you must find in yourself.

My most significant contribution to the community

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Have you ever considered that she may have a tale to tell? Jean Rhys has, and she tells it to you in all its traumatic colours. Bronte describes her as a semi-human, an animal that growls and raves as she stalks the hall of Thornfield like some unidentifiable spectre.

But what drove her to this state? What made her this way? Well the simple answer is a man named Rochester. As the second son of a rich family, he needed a means of creating his own wealth. What's the answer to his problem? Marry some rich girl and steal all her money and not worry about the consequences, but there more to it than this.

Do you remember that scene in Jane Eyre where Rochester tries to dominate Jane and make her into something else by picking out her clothes? Perhaps Bertha had this but on a more intense scale.

Rhys names the character Antoinette, a name Rochester refuses to use when he learns of her past. Antoinette has a family history of insanity on the maternal side, but, again there is more to it than this.

What creates this insanity? For Antoinette it is the simple of act of belonging nowhere. She is a hybrid, a figure that walks between cultures. As a white European girl she was raised in Jamaica; thus, she is neither fully Jamaican nor European.

This sounds very similar to the role of the governess, a figure that belonged to no particular class structure. Neither culture would accept Antoinette as one of their own, as she herself recognises: So between you I often wonder who I am and where is my country and where do I belong and why was I ever born at all.

Could she really be this happy? This man offers her hope and a new life, but it is all a lie.


When she finds out it breaks her. The last bastion of refuge shatters and she realises her hate for this false man: Rochester takes his grief stricken wife home, and shoves her in an attic.

My most significant contribution to the community

He finds himself utterly shocked at the manifestation of her madness. We cannot blame Bronte for her depiction of Bertha. Bronte wrote during the peak of the British Empire; these ideas were imbedded into her cultural psyche: Bronte was unconsciously aware of this; she even went as far as to apologise at a later date for her depiction of Bertha.

But that is not to overlook the phenomenal achievements of Jane Eyre.The Association of American Medical Colleges released a physician workforce projection report that estimates an overall U.S.

physician shortfall of up to 90, physicians by CLCo.

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Teachers commonly champion education and promote the importance of education to others in the community. They extol the virtues of quality schooling and encourage others to make financial commitments to improving the schools.

This promotion helps ensure schools maintain the funding necessary to operate effectively.

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