Mirabai biography in hindi

It additionally alludes to any melody with the religious subject or otherworldly thoughts, in a local Nepal dialect.

Mirabai biography in hindi

According to tradition, this 16th-century royal devotee of Krishna was born in Merta in Rajasthan in the kingdom of Marwar and dedicated to Krishna from childhood, but married into the royal family of Mewar in Chittor, most say against her will.

Biography of Mirabai

She refused to behave as a woman of her caste and class was required to do and instead fearlessly danced and sang for her Lord in the public space of the temple and kept company with holy men and people from all walks of life.

The rana, the ruler of Mewar identified variously as her husband, her father-in-law, or her brother-in-lawtried to stop her, in many accounts repeatedly trying to kill her for these transgressions. Most famously, he sent her a cup of poison in the guise of holy water, but she remained unharmed and undeterred.

Though admired by devotees of many different branches of devotional Hinduism, she remains formally unaffiliated and is explicitly rejected by the followers of Vallabhacarya. If she is said to have a guru at all, she is most often associated with the extremely low-caste leatherworker saint Raidas also known as Ravidas, Rohidas.

She is known not only for her story, but also for the devotional songs of love and longing she is said to have composed.

Mirabai Poems

A multitude of stories have circulated about her as her fame spread across India, and an immense body of songs are attributed to her, with those that might have been composed by this individual woman inseparable from those composed by others in subsequent centuries in her name and style.

She has come to inspire many, her popularity crossing the borders of caste, language, religion, culture, and time. General Overviews Hawley and Juergensmeyer provides the most comprehensive general introduction in English to Mirabai and the scholarship around her.

For a concise summary of her life, poetry, and appeal, see Martinand for a very brief introduction, see Tharu and Lalita Kishwar and Vanita also provides a broad and accessible introduction, with an emphasis on the norms for women that Mirabai rejects and the place of women saints in bhakti Hindu devotion.

For the broadest introduction to her poetry in translation, see Alstonthough the author uncritically follows Hindi academic literature shaped by nationalist and Rajput formulations of the late 19th century in his introduction to her life see History and Historiography.

Meera - Wikipedia The range of musical phenomenon in India extends from simple melodies to what is one of the most well- developed "systems" of classical music in the world. There are references to various string and wind instruments, as well as several kinds of drums and cymbals, in the Vedas.
About Mirabai: Biography Meera's temple to Krishna at Chittor FortRajasthan Authentic records about Meera are not available, and scholars have attempted to establish Meera's biography from secondary literature that mention her, and wherein dates and other moments.
Biography Biography of Mirabai Meerabai or Mirabai alternate orthographies: Meera, Mira, Meera Bai Hindi:
Indian Music - Music In India - Indian Music Styles - Indian Music History Biography Mirabai Devi Mirabai Devi is a new paradigm spiritual teacher. Her teachings emphasize the importance of spiritual practice for self-realization, combined with a commitment to personal growth.
Meera unwillingly married Bhoj Rajthe crown prince of Mewarin Both her own father and her father-in-law were killed within a few years after her husband, [1] during a war with the Islamic army of Babur — the founder of Mughal Empire in the Indian subcontinent.

In contrast, Mukta situates Mirabai primarily within low-caste communities and oral traditions. See Martin for a more extended comprehensive study of the saint, and Hawley for detailed analysis of current scholarship and selected issues.

The Devotional Poems of Mira Bai. Oxford University Press, Hawley, John Stratton, and Mark Juergensmeyer. Songs of the Saints of India.

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Contextualizes Mirabai in Hindu devotion and Indian society, outlines her story with variations, details the difficulties that arise in trying to determine her historical biography and original works, and analyzes themes in the poetry attributed to her, as well as offering accurate, compelling translations.

Excellent introduction for advanced undergraduates pp. Kishwar, Madhu, and Ruth Vanita.

Mirabai biography in hindi

The Life and Work of Mirabai. Manushi 50—52 January—June Excellent introduction for advanced undergraduates. Multiple Representations in the Mirabai Tradition. Mirabai and Her Poetry. Edited by Edwin Bryant, — Useful short introduction for undergraduates.

Upholding the Common Life: The Community of Mirabai.30 Famous Nepali Bhajans Collection: Mp3, Audio, and Videos. On this Nepali Bhajan page, you can get top 30 famous devotional audio, mp3 and videos in the form of musical prayer also popularly known as ‘Nepali BHAJAN’ or ‘Vajan’ and ‘KIRTAN’.

इस article में आप पढेंगे, Patriotic Poems in Hindi अर्थात देश प्रेम की 10 कविताएँ हिन्दी में. यह Country Love (देश भक्ति) की अदभुत रचनाएँ हैं. Mirabai Biography. Mirabai was a great saint and devotee of Sri Krishna. Despite facing criticism and hostility from her own family, she lived an exemplary saintly life and composed many devotional bhajans.

Mirabai, a 16th century Indian royal, is known more through legend than verifiable historic fact. The following biography is an attempt to report those facts of Mirabai's life which are commonly accepted.

This is a brief description of Indian music, containing information on music in India, Indian music styles and Indian music history. Mirabai Biography In Hindi Zehui Chen Doctor Weiland EN November 5th, MIRABAI As one of the famous female poets in the world, Mirabai creates many wonderful poems for Almost all of her poems are written about her feeling to Krishna.

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