Market segmentation of titan watch

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Market segmentation of titan watch

Over the last decade and many years before it as well, the marketers in terms of establishing market control, gaining competitive advantage, customer loyalty and high revenues have put such segmentation to good use.

Having its origination in the consumer market, the concept of segmentation has reached the business-to-business markets as well. These orientations differed with time as India, its society, its mentality and its people were undergoing a massive change during the 90s. The three of them have remained established business concerns in the Indian market throughout the past decade in spite of facing new competitors and rivals.

Their effective use of market segmentation strategies along with sound understanding of the consumer mentality has provided them with considerable weight on the balance sheet. It tries to bring forth the excitement, which lies in the minds of the general public as they wait for the first date of each month on the calendar.

It originated from a town in the United Kingdom, Bournville also the name of its recently launched high-end chocolate in In the early s, it tried to cater to the sweet tooth of the children. Cadbury strategies went through a considerable change.

Market segmentation of titan watch

It now catered from children to adults and from chocolate to mithai. The hole-in-one for the company was when it identified sweets to be a very integral part of the Indian culture.

Both helped them crawl their ways through into hearts of the rural population of the country, which had an untapped and astounding potential. The treats for passing exams were now a Cadbury instead of a mithai. The constant innovation and effective market segmentation has been the great boon of the company.

Today the company has a model for every price segment and every market. Initially when the mechanical technology was the norm, Titan went against the tide and built-up its line with Quartz.

Styling was not a factor initially with the Indian watch industry but Titan was there to make a difference and gave a fresh breath of life to the age-old rusty style of wristwatches. Titan is also capturing the rural market very efficiently.

Its price range starts from Rs. It has also appointed Mahendra Singh Dhoni himself belonging to Ranchi as the brand ambassador of its Sonata collection to reach out to the rural population. On the other hand, his counter-part Aamir Khan was capturing the minds of the urban segments.

It brought out the Aqua, a trendy collection for the youth. Raga was for the sophisticated Indian woman. This was a significant move as the women were now more liberal in the society and the corporate culture was establishing its roots in India.

The needs of women throughout the nation were changing and the brand was aimed to cater these very needs. Dash for the kids segment. Sonata for the masses and the budget-conscious. Fastrack for the cool and funky fetishes of the youth while Insignia, Steel and Nebula were all aimed at the luxury watches segment.

The unique designs and price variations enabled it to reach all classes and customers. Today, the Titan group has its own retail shops throughout the country. Today, Titan has also diversified into the eye-wear market thrugh these retail chains.well going off what I've been reading it is looking like a great year for video cards with a new range from amd the polaris and from NVidia the pascal architechure both set to push the bar much higher.

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Market segmentation of titan watch

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, 6 Market Segmentation 8. Segmentation in the B2C Market 8. To increase its brand awareness as the most innovative watch of its time. 6 Market Segmentation.

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01/21/18 — Wendy. Covering: This report covers the growth prospects of the global watches market with segmentations based on product types and distribution.

Market shares for key regions include APAC, Europe, North. Discover the innovative world of Apple and shop everything iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and Apple TV, plus explore accessories, entertainment, and expert device support. Market Segmentation: Luxury brands are defined as “those whose ratio of functional utility to price is low while the ratio of intangible and situational utility is high.” Pictet report (Nov.

) clarifies what luxury watches mean in terms of price.

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