Library buildings bibliometric analysis

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Library buildings bibliometric analysis

Mapping the literature by bibliometric analysis Ethics and dementia: This paper reports on a bibliometric analysis of keywords in the literature on ethics and dementia during the period Keywords were drawn from titles, abstracts and keyword fields of 14 bibliographic databases and clustered in to 19 categories.

These categories were then examined for their frequency and co-occurrences. The strength of relationships between these categories is mapped using the metaphor of the 'night sky' showing constellations of issues and changes over time. Four categories appear consistently and frequently in the literature: Other issues come and go such as quality-of-life issues while others appear to respond to outside events e.

The research literature is based predominantly on surveys or studies soliciting responses to predefined issues. Little research has been undertaken to establish the range of ethical issues for either family members or professionals.

We discuss the domination of the literature by four categories of ethical issues, the new and emerging areas of ethical interest and those areas that are triggered by external events such as legal cases. We also discuss some of the limitations of the study and note some omissions in the literature.

During the period the research literature has been dominated by surveys and studies soliciting views on predefined issues with relatively few in-depth, open-ended qualitative studies.The conference is being held as part of the Asia-Pacific Architecture Forum and in association with the IFLA Library Buildings and Equipment Section.

The conference takes place on 14 Wattala, WCIS’15, WCOMLIS , Wellington, Workshop on Bibliometric & Scientometric Analysis for Research Management, Workshop on Creative Librarian Subject support. Every school has an Bibliometrics is a term used to describe the statistical analysis of the impact of research; bibliometric methods can be used to measure the impact of an academic journal article, the impact of a group of researchers, or the impact of a field of research.

new buildings, new equipment, training. Library Buildings: a Bibliometric Analysis () Introduction Earlier library buildings were use to construct in the context of preservation of documents which had only the purpose of protection to them. Hyödynmaa, Merja, Poteri, Eija (presenter) & Tapio, Saija (presenter), with the assistance of Hakala, Esa, Vanamo, Heli & Wisakanto, Tarja: Bibliometric analysis for information scientists in the University of Tampere in some results and discussion on information sources.

Hybrid Library ii. Access to electronic information in a variety of remote locations through a local online catalogue or other gateway Access to electronic information in a variety of remote locations through a local online catalogue or other gateway.

Based on bibliometric methods, science mapping analysis with a longitudinal perspective in scientometrics may lead to a deeper understanding of topic evolutions in any domain, thereby contributing to our understanding of how, and to what extent, research topics have emerged and evolved.

Library buildings bibliometric analysis
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