Legitmacy of law exercises essay

A person is guilty of riot, a felony of the 3rd degree, if he participants with [two] of more others in a course of disorderly conduct: Hiibel believed that the Constitution gave him the right to refuse the answer, he was wrong. These statutes are justified under the police power of the state. Texas oa self-confessed alcoholic was convicted of being drunk in a public place oon appeal, he contended that he was compelled to drink, and once drunk, would lose control over his behavior and that it was cruel and unusual punishment to impose criminal sanctions on him for appearing drunk in a public place ohe relied on the reasoning in the case of Robinson v.

Legitmacy of law exercises essay

It is a force in the world. Law and legal process are increasing enormously. However, we should not exaggerate: That does not alter the fact that the courts have to decide many cases, often with respect to immensely complex and interwoven problems.

Sometimes the legitimacy of a court decision is questioned because a decision in a criminal case runs contrary to public opinion, which, however, is often quite superficially informed by the media. In this way, we notice a difference between the authority and legitimacy attributed to the judiciary by citizens, on the one hand, and by jurists, on the other.

One cause of this difference may also be the fact that values shared by jurists may differ from those shared by non-jurists.

Which one should be taken into account when judging the claim of objectivity? However, these problems do not constitute a legitimation crisis of the judiciary. The judiciary fulfils a special role in the state under the rule of law.

Legitmacy of law exercises essay

Authority means more than power; it means legitimate power. Therefore, the judiciary has to honour legal values and principles like consistency, coherence, legal certainty, predictability, and not the least justice and objectivity. Respect for the more general principles of proper administration of justice attributes to the legitimacy of the judiciary.

These general principles of proper administration of justice are part of the general principles of law. Therefore, the legitimacy of the judiciary is closely connected to the legitimacy of the law. In the next sections, I will discuss the concept of legitimacy and its relation to legal principles.

I will use some recent Dutch theses to illustrate the importance and the use of principles for the legitimacy of law in general and for the legitimacy of the judiciary in particular and to add a Dutch touch to the international debate. However, I will start with some characteristics of the judiciary, followed by an analysis of the concepts of legality and legitimacy.

Therefore, it has a passive nature. Judges do not choose their own agenda. Furthermore, principal limitations derive from the way in which cases get to the courts and the way in which issues are framed and reasons adduced and from the provisions for effectuating court decisions.

Judicial action therefore tends to be unsystematic and uneven. Moreover, judicial decisions stand a good chance of being ineffective or effective in ways not intended. The courts decisions are only binding on the case and cannot bring an unwilling administrator or private actor to a change of policy that would profit other people than the individual litigants who have enough resources, initiative, and foresight to take legal action.

So institutional factors raise questions about the power of judicial review in general. Nevertheless, people often go to court, because they want to resolve their conflicts. In providing a solution to a given problem, the decisions of the courts contribute to the law in one way or another by the interpretation, the clarification, and, sometimes, the development of the law.

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Especially, in the development of law, courts are active in framing the law. However, since the competing interests of the parties involved are necessarily at stake the resolution of the conflict according to the law is another purpose why courts exist.

The way in which the courts perform these two functions, conflict resolution and law-making, can contribute to their and the law's legitimacy. The judiciary is multifaceted:Sample Fundamental Skills Exercises.

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Formative exercises: About every other week throughout the semester, I provide students with Each formative exercise has questions that typically begin with a short answer or essay style question. I conduct most of these quizzes through D2L, so the feedback you see below only law because it.

Legitmacy of law exercises essay

· Introduction Authority, power and legitimacy are seen as an integral part of the human society for the simple reason that these are the defining features of a a social being with social and political institutions and urbanagricultureinitiative.com Law Essays.

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