Indian fertilizer market

Welcome to Indian Potash Limited The saga of Indian Potash Limited began with the vision and hard work of few dedicated people in the early fifties.

Indian fertilizer market

Subsidy will be given only upon domestic sale as at present for a period of 8 years from the date of start of production. Thereafter, the units will be governed by the urea policy prevalent at that time. The BG will be linked to milestones in the project cycle.

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PSUs are, however, exempted from furnishing the BG. In order to regulate the distribution of fertilizer, Movement Control Order was passed in No subsidy was paid on Fertilizers till except Potash for which subsidy was paid only for a year in Subsequently, RPS was extended to phosphatic and other complex fertilizers from February and to Single Super Phosphate from Maywhich continued up to In early s, the country was facing mounting fiscal deficit and there was an impending danger of foreign exchange crisis.

Some of the fertilizers which were under the subsidy scheme were decontrolled. JPC submitted its report on 20th August The main conclusions and recommendations of the Committee were that the rise in subsidy was mainly due to increase in the cost of imported fertilizers, de-valuation of rupee in July and the stagnant farm gate prices from to Since subsidy was retained on the Nitrogenous fertilizers Urea while phosphatic fertilizers were decontrolled, the prices of phosphatic fertilizers in the market became comparatively high.

Indian fertilizer market

This led to severe imbalance in consumption of nitrogenous, phosphatic and Potassic fertilizers. The concession scheme was also aimed at ensuring reasonable rate of return on the investments made by the entrepreneurs in the fertilizer sector.

This scheme was also extended to SSP from The subsidy rates were decided on the cost plus approach on quarterly basis w. The total delivered cost of the fertilizers being invariably higher than MRP indicated by the Government, the difference between delivered price of fertilizers at farm gate level and the MRP was compensated by Government in the form of subsidy.

The complex manufacturers were divided into two groups based on feed stock for sourcing nitrogen i.

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With passage of time, DAP industry started using different raw materials such as Rock Phosphate for producing phosphoric acid. DOF framed a proposal suggesting methodology to link phosphoric acid price with international DAP price. The matter was referred to Expert Group under chairmanship of Prof.

The report of this Group was submitted in October and considered by Inter-Ministerial group. Based on this TC report, the subsidy was calculated on monthly basis till The MRP was fixed by the Government with effect from 1.Indian Rice Industry.

Growth of rice: In India, the area where rice grown is called western coastal strip, the eastern coastal strip, covering all the primary deltas, Assam plains and surrounding low hills, foothills and Terai region- along the Himalayas and major rice-growing states in India are West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, .

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Product Features Neptune's Harvest is an organic fertilizer made from fresh north Atlantic fish.

Indian fertilizer market

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