Essay democracy vs dictatorship

Democracy versus Dictatorship Democracy versus Dictatorship: In theory, democracy is the best form of government.

Essay democracy vs dictatorship

Select Page Democracy vs. Dictatorship Essay Democracy is the system of government where people are given power to elect the political leaders who will form the government. Dictatorship is the government where a single person rules.

Essay on Dictatorship vs. Democracy

This person is called the dictator. In democracy citizens of the state choose their leaders and play an active role in building nations. Dictatorship in contrast, is the type of Government where the power lies in the hands of a single leader, political group or entity and people have no right to elect their leader.

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Dictatorship — Essay 1 words Democracy is a government formed by the people. It refers to the rule of the majority. The basic principles of democracy are political freedom, rule of law and equality.

People elect political leaders who represent them and further the political decision making at local, regional and national level. Political leaders and parties with majority votes are elected.

The political leaders represent the people and therefore the system is called representative democracy. Democracy is the most common form of government across the world.

In this form of government every individual has equal rights and freedom to express their thoughts and opinions. Democracy leads to the prosperity and development of the society. Dictatorship refers to the form of government where single individual possesses absolute power and rules the state.

The characteristics of dictatorship are suspension of elections, rule by decree, civil liberties, proclamation of a state of emergency and repression of political opponents without abiding by the rule of law. Dictators eliminate certain rights of people, mostly interfering human rights.

Dictators can be found throughout the human history. People often feel insecure under dictatorship. Democracy offers freedom and voice to the people where as in dictatorship there is ruthless oppression of people.

Essay on Democracy vs. Dictatorship — What do you Prefer — Essay 2 words Introduction The difference between democracy and dictatorship is that in democracy people get to choose their leaders while in dictatorship single individual or political entity rules the country.

Democracy allows the free development of human personality whereas the other form of government hinders the development of human personality. Both are opposite political philosophies in terms of perception and approach and come with some merits and demerits.

What do you Prefer The basic characteristics of democracy are equality, liberty and fraternity. It gives freedom of thought, speech and expression.

It promises active participation and involvement of the governed in the governance. The chief principle of democracy is that power is implemented with respect to human rights.

Essay democracy vs dictatorship

It makes people interested in the country and its democratic process. Democracy gives right to eligible people to choose their leader but most people make irrational judgments. Majority of population in developing nations such as India is illiterate and the judgment made is not completely independent.

In dictatorship absolute power is concentrated in the hands of the dictator. A strong and well-run dictatorship can be very effective.In Robert Dahl's book "On Democracy", he outlines his view of what the fundamental principals of a democracy are. This theme of, in a sense, being one of the rulers (participating in government) instead one of the ruled (as in a dictatorship) is the central concept that is supported and upheld by the other principals of democracy.

/5(7). Essay on Democracy vs. Dictatorship – What is the Difference – Essay 4 ( words) Introduction Democracy is a type of government in which eligible citizens have the right to elect representative to form a government body. There are basically two types of government, Democracy and Dictatorship.

Democracy is a majority ruled government. The origin democracy government formed in B.C. in Athens. Democracy vs. Dictatorship. From the beginnings of the times, from ancient civilizations dated as back as B. C. E., the world had been based upon political systems and philosophies of governments. Democracy vs.

Dictatorship. From the beginnings of the times, from ancient civilizations dated as back as B. C. E., the world had been based upon political systems and philosophies of governments. A country’s philosophy of government determines the economic system and the amount of rights that people have within that country’s borders.

Democracy vs Dictatorship Essay Democracy in any country is based on principle of representation. The legislature is attended by elected representatives. The people (citizens) of country vote in an election. The citizens have power to vote and change their representative in next elections.

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