Effect of colonization in kenya

The oldest was found by Martin Pickford in the year and is the 6 million years old Orrorin tugenensisnamed after the Tugen Hills where it was unearthed.

Effect of colonization in kenya

A total of farmer households were purposively and randomly selected from two sub-counties to respond to a standard questionnaire. The sample comprised of 50 farmers from each of the two sub-counties.

During sampling, 30 beekeepers adopters and 20 non-beekeepers non-adopters were purposively and randomly selected.

Origins of the British Empire

Though constrained by lack of equipment, bad weather, pests, lack of credit facilities, poor transport and poor extension services, the farmers do generate income, mainly from beekeeping, banana, tea and coffee. The major factors affecting the adoption of beekeeping enterprise included fear phobia for bee stingsstarting capital to buy hives and hive equipmentinadequate knowledge and skills, and lack of land on which to set the apiary for the safety of the neighbouring environment.

A multiple regression model revealed that adoption index is affected by age of Effect of colonization in kenya farmer yearseducation level primary, secondary or tertiaryexperience in beekeeping yearsapiary size number of hivesextension services number of sources of informationand access to credit.

A unit increase in any of these independent valuables had an effect on the adoption index. Farmers training in beekeeping, record keeping, use of modern technologies, control of weather effects and control of bee pests and diseases should be strengthened.

Efforts should be put into empowering the farmers with knowledge and skills, ensuring availability of modern technologies and increasing the beekeepers access to credit facilities.

Adoption index, modern technologies, record keeping Introduction In order to promote diversification in agriculture and reduce poverty in Uganda, beekeeping is one of the major agricultural activities being upheld by the government programmes of poverty alleviation MAAIF It offers a great potential for income generation, poverty alleviation, sustainable use of forest resources and diversifying the export base.

The most important service the honeybees render to mankind is pollination of agricultural and forestry crops FAO ; Commonwealth In contrast with other agricultural projects such as livestock, poultry and fish farming, beekeeping is a relatively low investment venture that can be undertaken by most people women, youths, the disabled and the elderly.

With beekeeping, there is no competition for resources used by other forms of agriculture. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly and can be productive even in semi-arid areas that are unsuitable for other agricultural use FAO There is availability of market for bee products both locally and internationally UEPBand it is important to note that pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries utilize bee products such as honey, royal jelly, beeswax and propolis UEPB In recent years, livestock production with potential application of modern technologies has technically advanced.

However, satisfying the basic needs of the rural people to improve their standards of living is still a challenge despite technological advances Kugonza Beekeeping as an important area of livestock agriculture has not received sufficient attention in the past Matanmi as it does presently.

It has been promoted widely in many countries as a major rural development engine Bees for development Not only does the practice of beekeeping have intrinsic health benefits through providing a food source of great nutritional value which is lacking in rural areas, but also requires few inputs and capitalizes on a ready supply of pollen and nectar from crops they pollinate NET Uganda Beekeeping is emerging as a very successful agricultural practice for rural area based people in less developed countries mainly due to its economic benefits from the products of this practice Kugonza English is an Anglo-Frisian language brought to Britain in the 5th Century AD by Germanic settlers from various parts of northwest Germany.

The original Old English language was subsequently influenced by two successive waves of invasion. BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. The majority of the beekeepers in the study area were male with only 5% being female. Similarly, Matanmi () found out that majority of the respondents in Nigeria (90% bee hunters and 80% of beekeepers) were male.

Review -Imperial Reckoning: The Untold Story of Britain's Gulag in Kenya "Mau Mau: The Kenyan Emergency" by Peter Baxter is a very clean, very nice and respectable report on the official actions of the British governmental officials during the years - In , in a letter to The Times, Sir Francis Galton, a distinguished African explorer, outlined a daring if offensive new method to 'tame' and colonise what was then known as the Dark Continent.

Effect of Colonization in Kenya Words | 5 Pages. effect of colonialism in Kenya This essay analyses the effect of colonialism in Kenya. It explains the depth of colonialism within Kenya’s context and analyses the impact of colonial conquest, the imposition of .

Effect of colonization in kenya
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