Data scientist career path

In response to this cross-industry trend, several top universities have started programs dedicated to Data Science. Allured by the tremendous opportunities, great compensation and visibility to business leaders, many people are moving towards the Data Scientist career path without a thorough careful assessment of the day-to-day responsibilities of such a role, the required attitude; and balance of technical and business skills. His candid, detailed response is very likely to be an eye-opener for many.

Data scientist career path

This is my home in Issaquah, purchased in My career path might not be typical, nevertheless I believe this information will be valuable to many.


I was born and educated in Belgium. By the time I was 30 years old, my net worth was negative. Twenty years later, I live in US, and things have dramatically changed I worked part-time in a high-tech company in partnership with my university stats lab and as a teaching associate, when I started my PhD in Belgium.

Postdoc, at the stats lab, Cambridge university.


Too low by San Francisco standards, but it was the time when Internet stocks were booming. I was now senior statistician, managing two employees in the BI group. My consulting years after the Internet bust: They really loved what I did for them.

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Money stopped coming to Authenticlick. Co-Founder, Data Science Central. I still live around Seattle.

Data scientist career path

Mostly, I use data science to grow my company. I also have my own independent, self-financed research lab, focused on automated and deep data science, and publishing on Data Scence Central. This is my beach house in Anacortes, purchased in December I actually created Datashaping, then Analyticbridge which was acquired and became Data Science Central back in I expect to earn some money from the sales of my data science book, and maybe later from our certification and apprenticeship.

I was born in a modest family in Belgium.Jan 20,  · If getting a job as a data scientist is a priority, this portfolio will open many doors, and if your topic, findings or product are interesting to a broader audience, you’ll have more incoming.

To become a data scientist, you must first earn a bachelor's degree that teaches skills in stats, machine learning, programming & data. Home / Analytical Career Paths / The Life of a Data Scientist. The Life of a Data Scientist.

5 Career Paths in Big Data and Data Science, Explained

They allow you to complete projects on your own time – but they require you to structure your own academic.

What is a data scientist's career path?

Data scientist career path

To be a data scientist you just need to take these 5 simple steps. Be A Professional in Data Management. Being a Data management professional is basically an IT job. The job a person that is a data management professional is to manage data and take care of the infrastructure that holds and stores .

The data scientist career path is probably the hottest career choice you can currently make.

Is Data Scientist the right career path for you? Candid advice

It is not only the $, median base salary that makes the position appealing to job seekers, data science also hits high on satisfaction with a score of out of 5, as findings from the latest Glassdoor report reveal. While it is easy to find salary surveys for data scientists and related professions both at the junior and senior level, broken down per location and skills se.

Demystifying Data Science: 8 Skills that Will Get You Hired (Just launched, , the new Data Scientist Nanodegree program!. Regardless of your previous experience or skills, there exists a path for you to pursue a career in data science.

5 Career Paths in Big Data and Data Science, Explained