Commercialization of sports

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Critelli Several events have caused me to think about creeping sports commercialization: Commercialization enables many people to participate in otherwise unaffordable recreational sports.

Commercialization of sports

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An adult can decide to risk injury; an year-old should not be pushed to use athletic techniques that create risks he does not understand.

Commercialization enables many people to participate in otherwise unaffordable recreational sports. Commercialization enables retired, but still famous, athletes to supplement meager post-career earnings.

I do not begrudge professional team owners or athletes the economic rewards they have secured. Professional sports are of high quality and are great entertainment. However, commercialization has many ugly sides, some old, some new.

Sports betting is more financially lucrative than the sports themselves. We will never eliminate its lure. The use of performance-enhancing substances has always been with us, and probably always will be: Too much money is at stake.

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I support efforts to curb cheating through substance abuse, because it does permanent damage to users, but eliminating performance-enhancing substances is unlikely.

Sadly, violence is also likely to remain a permanent Commercialization of sports of the sports landscape, although we can make rules changes that, over time, reduce its severity and frequency.

While most publicity is about concussions, with baseball recently creating a 7-day disabled list for concussion victims, the cumulative impact of years of violence to athletes' bodies is a more serious issue. I directly support research to enable us to understand the multiple causes of neurological damage from violent hits to the head.

The commercialization that troubles me is what has crept into youth and college sports. It spotlights young pitchers who throw curve balls that significantly increase the risk of permanent arm and shoulder damage. Commercialization radically changes the economic benefit of winning for the young athlete, the coaches and parents.

An adult can decide to risk injury to his or her body; an year-old should not be pushed to use athletic techniques that create injury risks he does not understand. College basketball and football, both revenue-producing sports, effectively rent star players for one year, secure significant revenues for college programs, showcase players for professional teams, and help coaches secure multimillion dollar salaries.

Great college basketball players like Bill Bradley of Princeton, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of UCLA, and Pat Riley of Kentucky, who got college degrees, had great professional basketball careers, but had even better post-basketball lives due to their education. George Dohrmann recently wrote about basketball's commercialization for boys as young as 9 years old in his book Playing Their Hearts Out.

Commercialization of sports

He followed a cohort of 20 boys and their families and coaches in Southern California over eight years. Some boys ended up having great college experiences, but there were avoidable tragedies, including one boy who was housed with a pedophilic coach and became a convicted criminal because of the commercial opportunity his mother found too good to pass up.

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One characteristic of creeping sports commercialization among young athletes is that it distorts, or even destroys, people and institutions it touches.Share on Facebook, opens a new window Share on Twitter, opens a new window Share on LinkedIn Share by email, opens mail client The Influence of Commercialisation on the Professionalisation of Sport Abstract More sports are turning professional with athletes being able to live off the money generated 5/5(9).

May 20,  · In fact, commercialization in sport has created opportunities for athletes that otherwise wouldn't have been there.

Commercialization of sports

Little League baseball teams have . In recent times sports has become more of a marketing commodity in the entertainment sector.

The players are known for their worth in terms of MD (Millions of Dollars).Their commitment and ability is barely considered. Glamour is increasingly becoming a lot more important in sports as compared to even in the film world. The commercialization of sports is that aspect of the sports enterprise that involves the sale, display, or use of sport or some aspect of sport so as to produce income.

Some experts prefer the term “commodification of sport” as a label for the same process. Aug 24,  · Plastering advertisements over every inch of a stadium or arena has become more than commonplace at just about any sports venue in the United States and around the world.

May 21,  · Big-time college sports programs derive 60 percent to 80 percent of their revenue from commercial sources, suggesting that intercollegiate athletics —at least at the elite levels —may have Author: Brad Wolverton.

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