Business plan realisierungsplan beispiel motivationsschreiben

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Business plan realisierungsplan beispiel motivationsschreiben

The purpose of this letter is to present myself and the reasons why I am applying precisely for this university. Additionally I will explain why I would like to study a semester abroad as well as to provide further background information in support of my application.

I am 21 years old and I have been studying English and History to become a teacher for two and half years now. I decided to study English as I have always been fascinated with the language. I first encountered English at the age of ten in grammar school and since then my excitement for this language has increased from day to day.

I always knew that working with other people, especially children, was my vocation and therefore I decided to become a teacher in the abovementioned subjects. I think spending abroad makes a teacher much more genuine as far as pronunciation and also cultural competence are concerned.

Language and culture are in my opinion always interconnected. To me it is simply not possibly to study a language without being interested in the cultures where this language is spoken.

business plan realisierungsplan beispiel motivationsschreiben

Therefore I really long to spend a semester abroad in Aberdeen. I am applying for the University of Aberdeen only because I think the Aberdeen University offers me to combine my personal aims with my academic improvement. I am fascinated with the geographical distinctiveness and landscape of Scotland as well as with its culture and history.

As my second is History and Aberdeen is providing a wide range of history courses I know that this university is the right choice for me as I can integrate these courses into my curriculum perfectly.

Furthermore, this would be a great opportunity to improve my pronunciation and speaking skills. I know that I still have deficiencies concerning pronunciation and as I am going to be a teacher I have to acquire this skill in order to teach my pupils pronunciation in an accurate way.

In addition, I think through my experiences during my time abroad… I am looking forward to facing the challenges of living in a foreign country and to gaining cross-cultural competence. Staying abroad for a longer period of time will open to you a whole different view on a country and its culture.

I would consider myself as open-minded and extroverted. I am having no difficulties in getting in touch with others and would use this opportunity to extend my social network. You are able to see the world from a different angle if you get to know different cultures and countries and this will offer you new approaches in life.

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Da es sich um eine Partneruni handelt, muss ich kein komplettes Motivationsschreiben verfassen, sondern nur ein Anschreiben, dass trotzdem kurz meine Gründe für das Auslandssemester darlegt.

business plan realisierungsplan beispiel motivationsschreiben

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