Benefits and challenges of nurse prescribing

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Benefits and challenges of nurse prescribing

Little research James Clerk Maxwell Building, 57 Waterloo Road, has investigated how more than 20 health visitor and district nurse London SE1 8WA, prescribers have implemented their new role since the evaluation of the pilot sites.

The aims of the study were to describe Benefits and challenges of nurse prescribing practices of health E-mail: A mail survey was conducted of all health visitors and district nurses working in three trusts in southern England. Over two- thirds of the sample found nurse prescribing at least moderately helpful to their professional role and over four-fifths reported that they were more than mod- erately confident nurse prescribers.

Benefits and challenges of nurse prescribing

A range of information sources was identified as helpful, regarding both new products and for continuing educational needs. The survey was conducted in three primary care trusts in southern England, which may be unrepresentative of trusts elsewhere in UK.

The level of reported prescribing by health visitors and district nurses in this study indicates that they are not acting as substitute prescribers for general practitioners of the products in the limited formulary.

Biggs Background The study Nurse prescribing was first recommended for the United Aims and objectives Kingdom UK health service in the Cumberlege Report DHSSwhich noted that there was potential for more The study aimed to explore how practising health visitors and efficient use of health care staff resources if community nurses district nurses viewed nurse prescribing with particular were able to prescribe from a limited list of items.

The reference to factors which were perceived as helpful and subsequent Advisory Group report Department of Health unhelpful.

Potential respondents were informed about the Sodha et al. Concerns about this knowledge adequacy study through their locality manager supplemented by may have been reflected in the reported lack of confidence personal contact.

Nonetheless, Rodden has reported that five experts prior to pilot work with specialist community nurse prescribers in one Scottish Trust felt that their nurses not in the main sample.

Some minor amendments autonomy had increased and that they were less dependent were made to the draft questionnaire and repeat adminis- upon General Practitioner GP colleagues.

Main data recommended further extension of nurse prescribing collection was conducted in February Reminder and legislation was passed in Health and Social Care letters together with further questionnaires and stamped Act to permit both independent prescribing from an addressed envelopes were re-distributed 3 weeks after the extended list of medicinal products and supplementary first mailing.

However, both Luker et al. There are more than 20 qualified nurse pre- Ethical approval was obtained through the relevant Local scribers working in primary and community care National Research Ethics Committees.

The questionnaires were coded Prescribing Centre but little has been published to permit follow-up of non-response at site level, with regarding the views of practicing health visitors and district participation at the individual level remaining anonymous.

There were no significant aspects helpful: Suggested improvements to the course District Nurses Health Visitors Total included the following themes: Age years More time for the course.

HV 73 20—29 0 1 1 30—39 7 9 16 Longer and more detailed pharmacology. DN 37 40—49 9 32 41 50—59 10 20 30 More practice in prescription writing.

HV 63 Time with, or talking to an already qualified nurse prescriber. Ways in which prescribing Total 26 63 89 was identified as helpful to the sample included: Biggs Table 5 Reported helpfulness of prescribing to professional role Within the limited formulary, I feel very confident.

There were no signi- visitors more frequently prescribed: These differences were statistically stances with health visitors reporting this as helpful more significant. Additionally a few respondents identified other less than three prescriptions per week and prescribing drugs ways in which prescribing was helpful which included: HV 14 prescriptions a week and prescribing wound care products Saves time.

A few respond- more than moderately confident nurse prescribers Table 7. District nurses reported The products sought for inclusion in the NPF are set out in greater confidence more frequently than health visitors Table 9.

Similarly there were no differences between The more prescriptions I write the more confident I become. Do not know 0 0 Factors which may influence prescribing were explored to reveal that the following would influence the prescribing of a new product: Other factors reported to influence prescribing were: There were no statistically significant differences in Nutritional supplements.

DN 68 the responses of health visitors and district nurses or between Specialist baby milks repeat prescriptions only. HV 21 higher and lower prescribers. There were no statistically significant differences in the responses of Lack of up to date knowledge.

HV 6 health visitors and district nurses or between higher and The most frequently identified source of reference for lower prescribers except the positive view of information prescribing problems were colleagues Table There were no and factsheets from the National Prescribing Centre differences between health visitors and district nurses or HV 55 ; confidence in diagnosis and appropriate treatment between higher and lower prescribers.

Over four-fifths of the HV 29th January Magnesium Someone very wise once said. ‘When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, Sir?’ Actually, it was John Maynard Keynes (yes, I looked it up). In my last blog I wrote about Magnesium, thus: ‘As for magnesium.

Magnesium deficiency is increasingly recognised as a major health issue.

Our Findings

Benefits of E-Prescribing 13 ways physicians (and patients) benefit from electronic prescribing E-Prescribing is growing rapidly, not just because the technology has improved, but because of the substantial benefits for patients and physicians.

Many nurses enter into the aesthetic profession without the non-medical prescribing (V) qualification, relying on their relationship with another prescribing practitioner to enable them to administer prescription-only drugs.

With talk of evolving regulation within the aesthetics sector, prescribing has become a topic of importance for aesthetic nurse practitioners. Making a difference: The benefits and challenges of non-medical prescribing Date: Friday 24th 1October Dr Nicola Carey [email protected] School of Health Sciences benefits to nurse prescribing.

Research evidence 26 Systematic reviews of nurse prescribing or nurse-led care. Conversely, identified benefits of nurse prescribing are reported elsewhere, which included doctors feeling confident that nurses had the level of knowledge and ability to prescribe and that the academic preparation fulfilled the nurses' training needs (Courtenay and Berry, ).

Nursing misconceptions must be addressed to improve recruitment. Nursing is a profession that I am extremely proud to be pursuing, but is not what I had pictured myself doing when I was a child. Like many others, I misunderstood the role of the modern nurse.

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